Homestay+Share house

Have your own space but with the opportunity to connect with and learn from each other.

At our share house you live alongside the landlords, who are a married couple.
The landlord's family also live nearby, so the living room is always a lively and interesting place to interact.
Of course, if you value your privacy, you can keep your distance and when you want to interact with people, you can socialise in the shared space.
It’ s a share house but, with a homestay feel!
Another aspect of life in Ed’ s Share House is the opportunity to improve your skills!
As the landlord is British, it is ideal if you want to learn or improve your English!
If you are not interested in English, you can learn how to wear kimono from a teacher who holds a national qualification for the intricate techniques used in dressing in kimono.


Rooms:14.6 m²

Rent:¥40,000 per month
(Furnished) ¥43,000 per month
※includes electricity and water rates.

Service Fee: ¥3,000 per month
※If you join the cleaning rota for shared spaces, the service fee is ¥1,000 per month

Optional Parking fee: ¥4,000 per month

Optional Dinner fee: ¥10,000 per month
※We are able to provide dinner 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) for additional

※Rental period - minimum of one month.

※Rent fee is paid on or before the 1st of a month.


Ed's Share House



If you value your privacy and need to concentrate, you can keep your distance and when you want to interact with people, you can socialise in a large and comfortable communal space. It’ s a share house but, with a homestay feel!

Homely environment

Since you will live alongside the landlords and their family also live nearby, you will have many opportunities to meet people of different generations.


Spacious shared areas

The spacious living room and kitchen, which is an individual characteristic of Ed’ s share house, can be used in a variety of ways. For example, socialising or holding a small event. Also, in the large hot spring bath, you can relax and rid yourself of your tiredness.

Native English /
Kimono dressing lessons

Another benefit of living at Ed’s Share House is that you can learn and improve your skills. You can also take part in a free weekly English lesson. Also, kimono dressing classes are available to residents. You can learn from a nationally qualified teacher.


Access to a spacious Rooftop

You can use the rooftop in a variety of ways, such as exercise or relaxing with a coffee or an alcoholic beverage.


Limited parking Available


Local shops


Shared kitchen


Large living room


Free Wi-Fi


Optional cleaning of shared spaces


Air conditioning


English speaking host


Shower room


Hot spring


Parking for Bicycles and Motor bikes


Make yourself at home

About our facilities

Living/Dining Dining Table, Chairs, Fridge
Kitchen Large kitchen, Kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery
Bathroom Large hot spring bath, changing room
Shower room 1 individual shower
Washing machines 3 (2F / 2 machines, 3F / 1 machine)
Hoover 1 per floor
Internet free Wi-Fi
Rooftop Residences have free access to the roof top
Car parking A car ¥4,000 per month
Bicycle/Motor bike Free Parking
Air conditioning provided
Large storage space Japanese style, called an Oshiire
Ensuite toilet and sink
Internet Router with Wi-Fi provided
TV areal provided
Individual Balcony South facing balcony
Shoes box Big enough for around 10 pairs of shoes
(Non-furnished room) Room does not include furniture
(Furnished room) comes with furniture , curtains and futon

Floor plan


Floor plan of the 2nd and 3rd floors


Room type:Single room Size:14.6 m²
Number of residence:1 person

Property description

Building Built In 1983
Building type Reinforced concrete
Floors 3 floors (stairs only)
Landlords Ed & MichiyoAbout landlord

Process of moving in


Contact us

Fill in the enquiry form or telephone us and we'll return your communication.


Visit us or Zoom meeting

After we have arranged a suitable time, you can visit the share house or have a Zoom meeting.



Fill in the form and post it to us, hand deliver or email us.


Sign the Contract

Also, show your ID, pay the deposit and 1st month rent fee.


Moving in

Inform the landlords of your moving date and you will receive a key for your room on that date.
(Do not copy a key. If you lose your key, you will be charged a ¥10,000 replacement fee)

Accepted forms of ID

With photographs

・Driving license
・My number card
・Residence card

Without picture

・Insurance card
・Pension notebook
・Residence certificate issued by a council

※ If your ID is not a picture ID, We will ask you to show two different forms of ID.

Initial cost (Without furniture)

Deposit: ¥40,000
(This will be return when you leave the share house after deducing cleaning fee.)

1st month’s rent: ¥40,000

Service fee: ¥3,000

Total initial cost: ¥83,000

Initial cost (Furnished)

Deposit: ¥43,000
(This will be return when you leave the share house after deducing cleaning fee.)

1st month’s rent: ¥43,000

Service fee: ¥3,000

Total initial cost: ¥89,000

Share house eligibility

You must be over 18 years old
(under 18 years old, you need to provide a letter of consent)

No restriction for residence.

Visa: You require a valid visa.

No dependents allowed.

Guarantor: Required

Process of moving out


Notice period

Inform the landlords at least a month before your leaving date.


Packing & Cleaning

Before your moving, return your room back to the condition when you moved in. Any repairs necessary due to damaged you have caused will be deducted from your deposit before it is returned to you.


Room inspection

The room will be inspected by the landlord, in your presence, before you leave.


Moving out

You must return your room key before you leave. If you fail to do so the cost of a new lock will be deducted from your deposit.


Return your deposit

Your deposit will be returned to you after a cleaning fee and any cost of repairs have been deducted.



You must clean shared areas after use.

*Optional: Join the weekly cleaning rota for shared areas and service fee will be reduced to ¥1,000 per month.


It will your responsibility to dispose of your burnable rubbish and cardboard recycling.

*Bins for other recycling and non-burnable rubbish are provided by the share house.


・Abstain from using the washing machine after 22:00.

・Remove washing from machines promptly after the washing cycle is complete.


・Do not use cello tape and blu tack or similar to put up picture, posters etc.

・Lock your room every time you leave it. Your personal belongings are your responsibility. The share house is not responsible for any losses.

・Do not bring in fridges or microwaves to your room.

・No Curfew.

・No burning of any materials permitted indoors.


・Clean shared areas after use.


・There is no rules for visitors during the day. However, if visitors stay beyond mid-night, it will be classed as a stayover.

・In the case of a stayover, you need to inform the landlord beforehand. You need to say when the stayover will start, when it will end and how many people are staying.

・Stayovers for extended periods are not permitted.

(Stays for more than 3 days, will be charged at ¥500 per person per day.)


・Do Not make any copies of your key.

(If you lose your key, you will be charged a ¥10,000 replacement fee)

・No pets

・No smoking.(except in designated areas)

・Do not make loud noises after 22:00.

※ More details will be provide in the Zoom meeting or when you visit the share house. Any further questions can also be raised at this point.
※ A contract is signed when you commit to moving in.

Access map

Address: 1-1-1 Minamitateishi
Beppu Oita 874-0839


20 minutes walk from
Beppu Station

Bus stop

1 minutes walk to

Within a 5 minutes walk
img Lawson
img Supermarket
img Bookshop
img Movie rental shop
img Bakery
img Second hand shop
img Seria
img B-con Plaza
Within a 10 minutes walk
img Super Market
img Moss Burger
img Familymart
img Daiso
img Post Office
img Ramen shop / BBQ
img Beppu Park
img ATM - Oita Bank/Mirai Bank/Houwa Bank
Within a 15 minutes walk
img Drugstore Mori
img Drugstore Cosmos
img Beppu Council
img Beppu Station
img Starbucks
img Joyfull
img Beppu Arena
img Coin laundry

• It takes about 30 minutes by motorbike to go to APU from Ed's share house
• By bus 50 mins (see link below).

About landlord


Nice to meet you. I'm Ed, the landlord.
My wife and I used to live in Bath, in England. Bath is a sister city of Beppu. In Bath, I worked with my wife, as a member of the Bath Beppu Friendship Association, to introduce Beppu and Japan to British people.
Now that we live in Beppu, I would like to introduce a lot of wonderful things about Bath and England to Japan.
I love records, I don't just listen to them, I collect them. My other hobbies include watching sports (darts, cricket, snooker, sumo etc.), learning about local wildlife, hiking, and more recently yoga.
I hold a Certified English Teacher Qualification (CELTA) from the University of Cambridge, UK. Studying is very important when learning a language, but I think the most efficient way is using it in your daily life.
I also think that learning about someone’s background, culture, customs, and history improves the breadth and depth of knowledge of the language you are learning.
I look forward to living with you!

About Ed About Michiyo
Name Edward Leather Michiyo Leather
Personality Patient and kind Cheerful and Chatty
Hobby Music, Movies, Hiking and Watching Sumo Manga, History and Fashion

BBFA (Bath & Beppu Friendship Association)


2017: Bath Japan Festival

What is BBFA ?

The Bath Beppu Friendship Association was set up to promote friendship between the residents and communities of Bath and Beppu.
To support development and nurture co-operation in such areas as commerce, industry, economics, education, leisure, sports and culture.
As part of our activities, we started Emakimono projects in both cities and organised Sake tasting events in Bath to acknowledge and strengthen ties between Beppu and Bath.


More information available in the links below.

BBFA website


BBFA Activities


Share mates’ comments

We gathered the voices of the unique members who lived in Ed’s Share House.





I lived in the Eds share house for about a year.
I was able to speak a little English because of my experience studying abroad, but when I came back to Japan, I had fewer opportunities to speak, and I realized that my English proficiency was gradually declining.
At that time, I started living in the Eds share house. The landlord Ed was able to talk freely, and if there was something I didn't understand, he explained it in simple English, and I was able to learn expressions unique to native speakers.
Also, everyone was friendly and I didn't feel the loneliness of living alone as I went out together and ate rice.
I also had a wonderful year learning various things such as experiencing the culture of kimono.


I started living in the Eds share house, and it was a lot of fun to interact with a wide variety of residents, and the hot discussions that took place from time to time had a lot to learn that my outlook on life would change!
I was able to enjoy Beppu by being taught about delicious shops and wonderful places in Beppu and going with them!
It is a very good memory to be able to wear a kimono lesson and go out wearing a kimono! I could see the mountains from the room, and on a sunny day, I had a hammock on the veranda and the sunset seen from the rooftop was the best.
The hot springs were luxurious every day!
Above all, I often feel at home and feel like my second home! I want to live again!
Life at my Eds share house was like this!